# Android

# Using Indic keyboard

The Indic keyboard by SMC provides swanalekha in your android device. Install it from google playstore and configure to enable Swanalekha for Malayalam.

Download Indic Keyboard from Google playstore

# Features

  • Indic Keyboard is a versatile keyboard for Android users who wish to use Indic and Indian languages to type messages, compose emails and generally prefer to use them in addition to English on their phone. You can use this application to type anywhere in your phone that you would normally type in English.
  • Learns the common words you use and provides suggestions.
  • Provides compact, convenient keyboard layouts for the casual users as well as the language lovers.
  • Fully integrates with native Android look and feel
  • Free and Open Source - Made for the people, by the people. YOU can make it better.

# Using Keyman for Android

You need to install Keyman for Android first. Then download the keyboard definition from here