# In Browser

# Keyman web

Swanalekha is available to use online from keymanweb website.

# Swanalekha JavaScript version

Press control+m to enable and disable swanalekha.

# Usage

To use this transliteration scheme in your webpage, include the following line your html pages.

<script src="https://swanalekha.smc.org.in/js/swanalekha-ml.js"></script>

Then bind swanalekha to textareas and input fields. Example:

new Swanalekha( document.getElementById( 'id-of-input-field' ) );

By default, the swanalekha input method is not enabled. It is enabled when users press control+m in the input field. If you want the input method enabled by default, pass it as an option.

new Swanalekha( document.getElementById( 'id-of-input-field' ), {
} );

Once enabled, the input field will have a class swanalekha. This class can be used for providing any kind of visual indication that input method is enabled. This page uses the following style to indicate swanalekha is enabled.

.swanalekha { border-left: 3px solid #cc0000; }

If you want to use Swanalekha in contenteditable elements, please include this js file in the page.

<script src="https://swanalekha.smc.org.in/js/rangy-core.js"></script>

# Browser extensions


Not actively maintained.

Swanalekha is available as browser extension for Firefox and Chrome